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The Elegant Form of Integral Coaching: A Conversation with ICC’s Founders

by | Aug 3, 2017

Well, doesn’t this just feel like a special place to start?  Our very first episode, making a move into a new form of expression for us.  And, who better to join us on this inaugural episode than Integral Coaching Canada’s founders, Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt. In this episode, we check into the trajectory of ICC’s unfolding.  We trace the trajectory of ICC’s unfolding from when Laura and Joanne met, into their journey of calling, and how this calling developed into the successive iterations of the Integral Coaching­® Certification program.   We play with the nature of expressing an elegant form out into the world, and what this took for them.  We trace the transmission of the teaching to Chela, from her early days as a student into her seat as Lead Instructor for the Master Certification Module and part of ICC’s leadership team.  We close with Laura and Joanne’s wish for their work as it’s stewarded forward beyond them.

Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt of Integral Coaching Canada ready for podcasting
Integral Coaching Canada's Spring 2017 Master Certification Module Class

It was a pretty special place that Laura and Joanne joined us in…  sitting at a table, headphones on and mics plugged in, at the very retro Cartier Place Suites hotel on a Friday afternoon.  It also happened to be the last day of ICC’s in-class portion of its Master Certification Module… the 7-month top-level program offered in the Integral Coaching­® Certification Program.  In a few short hours, seventeen students would be leaving for homes around the globe that evening.  They’d just finished an intensive five days together, getting under their developmental hoods to work on the engines of change that drive their expression in the world.

For Laura and Joanne, watching the Master Certification Module take flight this round took on a special significance.  This is the third time this program has run and been offered, and in this iteration, is being taught with them watching almost entirely from the sidelines — a huge shift from a place just a few years ago, where they were both responsible for leading every single Integral Master Coach™ through the program.

But, more important still, is what this program represents — the pinnacle of evolution for the Integral Coaching® Certification Program, or ICCP 2.0, as we know it.  For Laura and Joanne, this work created for the students of ICC is the capstone of their life’s work; the fruition of a life spent in a developmental garden, cultivating and tending to themselves, others, and the world in a way that’s taken a life and form of its own.

Until next time.

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Joanne Hunt

Joanne Hunt

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Laura Divine

Founder, Integral Coaching Canada

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