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Welcome to Enacting Impact: The Integral Coaching® Podcast.

Presented by Integral Coaching Canada, Enacting Impact explores the stories of integral development and change within individuals, organizations, communities, and the globe.

We’ve got a vested interest in delivering deep and deliberate narratives of development to like minded individuals; to people who are working to insert themselves with clarity and mindful action as they seek to untangle these complex times that we’re living in.

This is a show about unpacking perspectives of change, of dialoguing about embodiment, of advancing ideas.  And, in the same way we view everything else in this beautiful universe we share with the stars, this is a show that’s in development itself.  Enacting Impact is a show that will grow, change, and evolve as the stories we explore and the lives we lead move with it.

Got questions, comments, or feedback?  We’d love to hear it.  Thank you for being here.


Your Hosts of Enacting Impact: The Integral Coaching® Podcast

Chela Davison

Chela Davison

President, Integral Coaching Canada

Chela arrived in her leadership role with ICC after working as a powerfully embodied Integral Master Coach™ whose professional coaching practice included one-on-one clients and group programs for people seeking to manifest their deepest commitments.

A recognized name in the personal development field and entrepreneurship industry, Chela’s writing work has appeared in numerous online publications including the Huffington Post and Elephant Journal. She has masterfully coached renowned authors and entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, coaches and executives, people making change, seeking change and expanding their spheres of influence.

Andrew Leonard

Andrew Leonard

Director, Technology and Community Development

Prior to arriving at Integral Coaching Canada, Andrew had a career spanning 20+ seasons in the fields of youth development, outdoor recreation, and experiential education.  Working with a range of non-profit and agency based organizations, questions of how to reliably and sustainably create positive change for children, youth, and families was an everpresent question.

After being introduced to Integral Theory, Andrew saw the immediate potential for application into his work in experiential education and sought to close the gap between the theory and its application.  This led him to the doors of Integral Coaching Canada where he completed his training as an Integral Master Coach© in 2016.

First time meeting Integral Coaching Canada? It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. We’re going to love you.

Integral Coaching Canada is the world’s leading Integral Coaching® training company. Founded in Ottawa, Canada, ICC has expanded into a global school, currently offering our Certification Program in North America, Europe and Australia.

In addition to delivering a truly comprehensive and all-embracing method, allowing coaches and clients to fully face the complexity and demands of our times with embodied skill, heart and grace, we also boast an awe inspiring ICC community of over 1000 Integral Coaches™ globally. This community of practitioners share in a lineage that is ever-evolving, growing with the individual and collective needs as a professional body and developmental Sangha.

Find our more about ICC, our founders, faculty, and the Integral Coaching® Certification Program:

Enacting Impact.

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